• cranial

anxiety, stress, and trauma

My specialist area is in working with underlying anxiety and chronic stress through the body in a predominantly non-verbal way, allowing you the opportunity to come fully into the present.

Craniosacral therapy opens us up to a wider awareness about what our lives rest in; our interconnectedness is touched and we are changed. Accessing this level of stillness is about letting go into the unknown – it cannot be accessed within the context of the knowledge we have built up. We begin to realise we are much more than what we ‘know’ or than our beliefs, concepts and our intellectual understanding. There is a deeper Intelligence at work here.

This gradual letting go can be enlightening for both practitioner and client. As the space opens up there is vast potential to begin to see and respond differently. Hidden openings appear helping you to drop under the body’s restrictions and contractions which sit on the surface like waves, and enter a deeper tide where stillness is the ground of all form; a place of vibrancy that is at the heart of our creativity and well being.